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Water Free Wash
Water Free Wash
Water Free Wash
Water Free Wash
Water Free Wash
Water Free Wash
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Water Free Wash

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Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash is a professionally formulated dry grooming powder, suitable for all pets, especially those that dislike water. It contains natural ingredients to:

  • Neutralise odour in the coat leaving it with a fresh scent
  • Clean by absorbing natural oils and dirt
  • Prevent static
  • Add volume and body to the coat
  • Save time and avoid washing in cold weather


All ingredients are natural, and safe if licked by a pet! 

Calcium Carbonate  Neutralises acids and oils in the coat. This common substance is the main component of shells, marine organisms, snails, pearls and eggshells. 

Sodium Bicarbonate  Better known as baking soda, has been used as a cleansing and deodorising agent since Ancient Egypt. 

Cornstarch – Absorbs oils and odours in the coat, the ground endosperm of the corn kernel. 

Hypo-allergenic Fragrance – Our specially formulated signature scent is designed by perfumerers to be free from all known allergenic fragrances, and to evoke the fresh aroma of the Australian backyard.

How to Use


How to wash without water: First, get your little mate in a spot where it is okay if they shake. Now apply Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash to a few different areas of the coat, and massage it in for a few minutes. Then simply brush or blow dry out the excess powder. Do this whenever they need a quick wash without water. 


Q: Is Water Free Wash safe if my pet licks it?

A: Yes! Water Free Wash is non-toxic, and completely safe if your pet licks the powder.

"Who wants to look like something the cat dragged in? Not me! But let's face it, finding the time or waiting for the right weather to take a wash is not easy. But now, thanks to Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash I don't need to! With a couple of shakes of a lambs tail I am cleaned without water and smelling like a rose. Now where is that nice gal I had my eyes on?"

Jackson, age 3

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Louise D.
Australia Australia

Easy to use, smells good.

Rachel P.
Australia Australia
Great product

Awesome product great smell and really easy to put on! Lasts for ages too!!

Tracey S.
Australia Australia
The Best Dry Shampoo!

Efficient, easy process to order, fantastic product and I’ve been using it on my pooch for years! The nicest aroma compared to many others I’ve tried.