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Common Cat Myths Debunked

Cats often get a bad rap when it comes to being the ideal companions, falling short in comparison to other animals. They're not known for their expressive nature, tend to be independent, and value their personal space. However, it's important to remember that there are exceptions to these generalisations. In fact, there are several prevailing myths about cats that warrant closer scrutiny and should not be hastily embraced as truths. Let's debunk a few of them.

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Common Dog Myths Debunked

Whether you're a dog lover with experience or eagerly anticipating the joy of bringing home a new pup, you may have come across a slew of myths surrounding these furry companions which need to be debunked.

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5 Cat Breeds That Need Extra Care in Winter

Everyone knows that cats love warmth more than anything and that they could spend a whole day in the sun. This is a truth applicable when it comes to all cat breeds, but there are some that hate the cold weather more than others.

Even worse, some genetically have a harder time coping with winter, especially those that hail from tropical or warm climates.

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Common Behavioural Problems in Cats and How to Fix Them

Every cat parent knows that cats are extremely independent and self-sufficient and that, in most cases, they aren’t even people pleasers as their canine counterparts.

But while this makes cats somewhat easier to care for, it can also be a disadvantage as your pet might develop unwanted behaviours and due to this species’ well-known (and loved) stubbornness, you might have a hard time teaching them otherwise.

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