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Bundle Me! Auto delivery Our revolutionary cat litter tray liners are designed to fit snugly, so they stay in place! Elasticised edge for the perfect fit means the liner stays put, so litter tray clean up is quick and easy. Purrfect! 66 reviews
Bundle Me! Auto delivery An eco-friendly and natural clumping cat litter made from biodegradable corn with clumping technology. Wee Kitty cat litter is flushable, absorbs 4 times its weight in liquid, lasts longer and has incredible odour control. 83 reviews
Bundle Me! Auto delivery Line your cat's litter box with Rufus and Coco's elasticised cat litter tray liners. Includes an elasticised edge to keep the liner in place and makes cleaning up quick and easy 19 reviews
Odour and stain remover for surfaces without scrubbing. Rufus and Coco Wee Away is a professionally formulated odour and stain remover for urine, faeces and vomit. It contains naturally derived enzymes and a fresh scent to break down uric acid salt crystals in urine to prevent re-soiling in the same spot. 33 reviews
Rufus and Coco Soft Mesh Cat Harness is made from durable nylon mesh which is both soft and breathable. The reflective straps simply clip-on, and are adjustable for the perfect fit for your cat. Available in black, red, blue or pink. 7 reviews
Auto delivery 15 reviews
Auto delivery 25 reviews
Auto delivery 9 reviews
Bundle Me! 6 reviews

Anxiety Aid

13 reviews
7 reviews
Bundle Me! 3 reviews
Sale 4 reviews

Diamante Bow Cat Collar

2 reviews
3 reviews

Breath Buddy

4 reviews
Auto delivery 7 reviews
5 reviews
4 reviews
6 reviews
Sale 2 reviews

Diamante Cat Collar

7 reviews

Itch Relief

1 review
Auto delivery 3 reviews
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