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Wee Kitty®

Natural Kitty Litter For Cats Who Care And The Humans Who Love Them
Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty® offers a range of natural high-performance litters to help you and your feline #reduceyourpawprint.

Award Winning Cat Litter

Do more with less cat litter by choosing from our natural formulas that deliver outstanding power and long-lasting performance.

The Benefits

Here's six reasons why Wee Kitty® will be the best kitty litter you've ever used.
  • Concentrated Clumping
    Concentrated Clumping
    Forms scoopable clumps after use so clean-up is simple and mess-free
  • Extra Absorbent
    Extra Absorbent
    Proven to absorb 5x its weight in liquid so you use less litter every time!
  • Vegan & Biodegradable
    Vegan & Biodegradable
    Made from sustainable and naturally absorbent fibres
  • Fast Odour Control
    Fast Odour Control
    Within 5 minutes of use, no ammonia odour remains
  • Flushable & Septic Safe*
    Flushable & Septic Safe*
    Completely dissolves in 5 minutes so it's safe to flush in small quantities
  • Paw Friendly
    Paw Friendly
    Paw friendly pellets are low tracking and low dusting

Here's What People Say

Totally recommended!

This is the best litter I have come across, no smell and your able to flush it in the toilet bonus is my cats love it!

Lorretta Bridge

Great benefit is the smell factor.

Love the way this litter clumps lasts for ages even with 4 rescue cats using the litter trays. Great benefit is the smell factor. We use it for our rescue kittens and cats too.

Carolyn Stow


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