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Natural Kitty Litter
For cats who care

And the Humans
Who love them

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty® offers a range of
natural high-performance litters to help you
and your feline #reduceyourpawprint.


Here's six reasons why Wee Kitty® will be the best kitty litter you've ever used.

Clumping Action

Fast, firm clumping action so you only dispose of soiled litter, not the whole tray.

Extra Absorbent

Pellets absorb up to 4 times their weight in liquid, so you use less litter - saving money & effort!

Vegan & Biodegradable

Made from sustainable and naturally absorbent fibres.

Proven Odour Control

Removes all odour within 5 minutes.

Flushable & Septic Safe*

Proven safe to flush in small quantities.

Paw Friendly

Soft on delicate paws and low tracking.


Pet parents, you deserve something better!
So we've designed Wee Kitty® to offer all of the features that pets and pet parents are searching for. Not just a picky few!

To prove that our litter offers unbeatable performance, we compared Wee Kitty® against selected leading brands using independent laboratory testing.


Every cat will send tonnes of litter to landfill in their lifetime. You can help reduce this.

Clay litter (made from bentonite clay) and Crystal litter (made from silica) are both mined from the earth. Strip mining for bentonite destroys vast areas of vegetation and natural habitats, and strips minerals from the earth.

#ReduceYourPawprint by choosing an earth friendly litter - one that's high-performance, sustainable and biodegradable. It's better for your wallet, and the planet.

Choose Wee Kitty® Litter.

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Totally recommended!

This is the best litter I have come across, no smell and your able to flush it in the toilet bonus is my cats love it!

Lorretta Bridge

Great benefit is the smell factor.

Love the way this litter clumps lasts for ages even with 4 rescue cats using the litter trays. Great benefit is the smell factor. We use it for our rescue kittens and cats too.
Carolyn Stow