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Easy Trim Cordless Clippers
Easy Trim Cordless Clippers
Easy Trim Cordless Clippers
Easy Trim Cordless Clippers
Easy Trim Cordless Clippers
Easy Trim Cordless Clippers

Easy Trim Cordless Clippers

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Battery operated cordless, light weight clippers, perfect for quick touch up trims on ears, face and paws. The cordless design means you have ease of movement to help you manoeuvre around your little (or not so little) mate! 3, 6, 9 and 12mm comb lengths included, as well as cleaning brushes and oil.

Note: Not suitable for dogs with long, thick hair.

How To Use

Safety Information 

  • Only use animal clippers to cut animal hair. 
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use near water.
  • Remove batteries if clippers won't be used for an extended period of time.
  • Always replace both batteries at the same time.
  • Switch off the clippers directly after use.

1. Batteries 

  • Insert 2 x AAA batteries (not included) ensuring the positive and negative symbols are matched on the batteries and the clippers. Rufus & Coco recommend the use of high quality batteries to ensure optimum performance. 

2. Trimming your pet's hair 

  • For best results, wash your pet before clipping and ensure pet is totally dry. You may wish to use a blow dryer on a low, cool setting! 
  • Brush your pet thoroughly and if hair is too long, cut shorter with scissors before clipping. 
  • Choose your desired hair length and attach the comb as shown in the image, ensuring it clicks into place. 
  • Turn clippers on and let your pet get used to the noise before clipping. 
  • Trim your pet by using the clippers in the direction of hair growth, or against for a closer trim if requires. Do not force the clippers through the fur quickly, as this may cause discomfort. 

3. Cleaning the blade and clippers 

  • Always turn off the clippers before cleaning. 
  • After each use, remove hair clippings from the blade by holding the clipper with the blade down and brushing between the teeth. 
  • Remove the blade regularly to ensure the clippers stay clean. With the on/off switch facing you, push the blade away with your thumbs. Brush inside the clipper head to remove any hair. To replace the blade, turn the clippers around and push the blade back into place. 

4. Oiling the blade 

  • To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your clippers, oil the blade before and after each use. Take the comb off the clippers and hold the clippers with the blade facing down, then place a few drops of oil along the blade. If your oil runs out, refill the dropper bottle with any vegetable oil. 

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Q: Can I clip all my dog's fur with the Easy Trim Cordless Pet Clippers? 

A: The Easy Trim Cordless Pet Clippers are suitable for short, soft fur around ears, face and paws, but tends to get clogged by longer fur. The Easy Trim Clippers are best for touch up clipping in between professional grooming sessions. 

"Some people might say I'm high maintenance, but really, no one wants to look like something the cat dragged in! Besides, it's so easy to stay looking foxy with my Rufus & Coco Easy Trim Cordless Pet Clippers. They're perfect for keeping the fur out of my eyes. Now, off to show off my new style at the dog park... "

Rocky, age 2

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