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Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia
Wee & Stain Away - Rufus & Coco Australia

Wee & Stain Away

Rufus & Coco Wee & Stain Away is a professionally formulated enzyme cleaner that removes odour and stains from your dog or cat's urine, faeces and vomit from surfaces without scrubbing. 

It contains naturally derived enzymes and a fresh scent to:

  • Neutralise odour and deodorise
  • Remove urine, faeces and vomit stains (even old stains) without harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for carpets and other surfaces, including timber floors

Suitable for dogs and cats.

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How To Use

Natural bio-enzymatic solution that breaks down the uric acid and faecal matter to neutralise the odour and get rid of the stains. The enzyme system helps break down the organic component of the stain and releases it from the underlying fabric. 

It is also what Rufus & Coco Wee Away does not contain that makes it better!

Rufus & Coco Wee Away doesn't contain the following harmful ingredients: 

  • Chlorine Dioxide - this common household bleach is a harsh irritant and can leach the colouring of soft surfaces. 


First, remove excess urine or waste with paper towel. Now, turn the nozzle to stream and saturate the entire soiled area, particularly the edges of the stain. Allow to air dry. Repeat as needed.

After the final application has dried, rinse sparingly with water and blot dry with a paper towel, working from outside to centre. No scrubbing required! 


  • You may wish to spray a little Wee Away in a discreet spot to test your carpet for colour fastness.
  • Do not shampoo carpet until after you have cleaned the area with Wee Away.
  • Do not dilute.


Q: Why do pets re-mark the same place over and over, and how can I make this stop? 

A: Pets wish to mark their territory and have a very acute sense of smell. Even when the visible stain has been removed and the urine odour has been rendered imperceptible to humans, animals detect it and are compelled to re-apply their own scent! So once an animal has "gone" in one spot, they frequently return to it again and again, no matter what we do. If that spot is on your carpet, this can get very smelly! 

Urine is composed of: 

  • Urea, a sticky substance
  • Urochrome, which colors the urine 
  • Uric Acid, a mild acid rich in Nitrogen and Ammonia

Uric Acid contains a non-soluble salt which is extremely difficult to clean away. While most cleaning products can deal with Urea and Urochrome easily, they often fail to address the key issue of Uric Acid Salts, which remain tightly bonded to the surface of your floor or carpet. Any moisture will reactivate these crystals and the smell will return! 

Most wee stain products are composed mainly of harsh detergents and masking agents which covers up the urine odour. In fact, many are so full of chemicals that you need to be careful to not inhale or have your pets or children in the room when in use – just look at the warnings on their packs. Some include alcohol as a solvent or chemicals to coat the Uric Acid Crystals to "seal in" the odour. These are temporary solutions to a recurring problem, and tend not to address the stain at all. It is important not to use a cleaning product that contains Ammonia, because this is similar to the smell of urine and can cause your dog to re-offend! 

But not Rufus & Coco's Wee Away!

It is 100% natural. Its proven enzyme system helps breakdown the organic,Uric Acid component of the stain and releases it from the underlying fabric. It will even work on old stains. This system has been formulated in consultation with biotech-enzyme supply experts to ensure that the efficacy and safety for consumers is maximised.

It is important to never steam clean or shampoo your carpet until you are absolutely sure you have gotten all of the Uric Acid Crystals out of the carpet. If not, the steam or water will spread the Uric Crystals over a larger area, making the problem much worse. 

Wee & Stain Away


Wee & Stain Away

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Australia Australia

Works great, smells great

Works well for a puppy that’s toilet training. Used a different product previously but the fumes were so strong, this is just as effective but smells great

Kei U.
Australia Australia

It works!!

We’ve used this for a few years now. I was initially sceptical because I got it from Woolies and was quite cheap. But not only it smells wonderful for humans, it removes the stain and the smell of urine so well. I just gotten two new kittens, so ordered a box of this spray to combat ‘accidents’!

A Rufus & Coco Australia Customer

Life saver

Love this product. It has been an absolute life saver for me. We have 2 x 10 week old puppies and it can be hard keeping up with the accidents! There has not been anything that Wee Away can't deal with. All stains and smells have been sorted so easily. It works and it works really well. No scrubbing and just let it air dry! Can't recommend it enough.

K M.
Australia Australia

Fab product

Saved my wool carpets when my young golden remained confused where to go! High quality, no damage, so easy to apply and it really works- so long as you deal with the stain in prompt order. Highly recommend!

Judith R.
Australia Australia

Dog poo on my carpet

I had cleaned up the mess but a residual stain was left. I purchased a bottle of your enzyme spray and applied it once as directed. Next day there was no sign of the stain. I will keep it handy, but hope there will be no more accidents.