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Posh Pee Pads
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Posh Pee Pads
Posh Pee Pads
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Posh Pee Pads

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The Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads:

  • Discreet grey colour - Stylish grey coloured pads are better disguised on most floors and will hide the urine
  • Holds up to 2 cups of urine - Super absorbent core turns liquid into gel
  • Leakproof base - 5 layers of protection to protect your floor
  • Odour control - With activated charcoal-infused layers to trap odour
  • Infused with attractants - Contains synthetic pheromones to attract your pet
  • Positioning tabs - Sticky tabs hold pads in position on floors 

7 pack 60 x 60cm

How they work

Top Layer -
Split resistant with dry touch cover

Layer 2 -
Activated charcoal tissue with odour neutralising technology

Layer 3 -
Super absorbent core turns liquid into gel - holds up to 2 cups of urine

Layer 4 -
Paper tissue for added absorbency

Bottom Layer -
Leak proof for floor protection 

What is activated Charcoal? 

Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores and increase its surface area. By doing this it allows the charcoal to trap and absorb odours as they attach to the surface of the pad.

Did you know? Activated charcoal is commonly used in water filtration to remove toxins and impurities.


Pheromones attract! Pheromones are organic compounds with an odour that attracts dogs and encourages them to remain in that area until they relieve themselves. Dogs urine naturally contain pheromones. 

Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads contain synthetic pheromones.

How to use

Directions for use:

  1. Place pad in desired location on the floor, print side down. Choose a place way from food or your pet's bedding.
  2. If desired, peel off the sticky tabs and press firmly to the floor to hold the pad in place.
  3. Once soiled, dispose the pad and replace with new pad.
  4. For best results replace pad daily.

How to train your pup:

Set your Posh Pee Pads in the desired location. Place your little mate on the pad a few times so they become familiar with it.

Take your puppy to the pad at consistent times, such as after meal times and before bed, using instructive commands such as wee wee, pee here to encourage them to go.

Patience, routine and positivity all help in the toilet training journey! Praise is always the best form of reward! So make sure you let your puppy know when they have done the right thing. If they do have an accident, bring them immediately back to the pap to show them  the correct place to go. 

Training to move outdoors:

Once your pup is using the Posh Pee Pads inside, slowly begin to move the pads closer to the door and eventually outside. We recommend using the Rufus & Coco Pee Here Attractant Drops in your desired area to assist in directing your little mate to know where to go. 


Suitable for

  • Indoor dogs
  • Toilet training puppies
  • All breeds and sizes
  • Crates and travel
  • Older dogs
  • Whelping 

"When a pups gotta go, a pups gotta go! Even if i'm indoors. But it's embarrassing when you can see and smell my... ahem... mess! But not anymore thanks to Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads. They're discreetly coloured so they don't look like diapers on the floor and super absorbent too! So now my parents are happy as fleas in a dogs' house and my dignity is intact. Must tell the o'l dog next door too!"

Bear, 12 weeks

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Australia Australia

Finally, a solution that is easy to manage, unobtrusive in design and is perfect for our senior (13 year-old) Sydney Silky Terrier who doesn't like going out in the dark due to a recent diagnosis of decreasing eyesight. We were having a real challenge trying to find the right product as other available *** pads we used didn't hold up much to claims of quality, value and ease of use. After trying many times, we found them to be a complete waste of time and money; and frustration trying to get our senior fur-child to use them. They easily broke down from the middle out and were quick to fall apart, and move/slide on the floor. Our little fur-child then would piddle elsewhere! That was fun! A friend referred us to the online site of Rufus and Coco where we could buy quality *** pads. We gave them a try and they were an immediate success. The description of their design with multiple layers and odour control is accurate. Such a terrific option for senior cats and dogs who live indoors, and of course those animals who live in apartments. I note also that they are now available at Woolies, which is handy.

Michele B.
Australia Australia
You can teach an old dog new tricks

I have a 17 year old dog that we took on holidays with us to Queensland. Because we were staying with friends I was quite concerned about her urinating on their floor. I saw your product in Woolworths and I thought why not give it a go I had nothing to lose as I thought I would just put a towel down on the floor in case. Well my old girl has peed on the *** pad every single time. So you can teach on old dog new tricks. Thank you for making my holiday stress free.

Melinda C.
Australia Australia

Perfect - the grey colour is excellent for both matching my decor, but on a more practical side, not showing the urine as anything other than a faded spot (ie no yellow showing). Very absorbent and does everything it says on the packet.

Australia Australia

These do everything promised - such a fantastic product. The grey colour is a fantastic feature - as well as being more discreet overall, the colour of the urine isn’t visible so it’s in no way “gross” to look at. I have stocked up on these as my pup practices his toilet training. :-)