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Dos and Don'ts in Cat Walking

Most cats love to spend time outdoors, which can make things a little challenging for their owners. As a pet parent, you might not want to restrict your cat’s freedom, yet you know that the outdoors can be dangerous.

There are cars, strange people, other animals, and other risks that you can expose your cat to if you simply allow them to roam free.

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Can Cats Be Trained?

Training your cat can be a little difficult because of their general nature. Unlike dogs, they are not constantly looking to please their pet owners. They are more motivated by rewards rather than cuddles or spending time with their guardians, especially since they are such independent creatures.

But even though they are seen as temperamental and sometimes aloof, even cats can be taught some tricks.

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Best Gifts Under $30 For Your Cats

The most wonder-fur time of the year is near and that means spreading some holiday cheer with gift-giving! But while we're busy with holiday preps, let's not forget our precious pets who also deserve some extra love and affection this time of the year.

If you're wondering what to give your cat this Christmas, fear not. We've rounded up some of our best selling products under $30 that your precious felines will surely love.

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Can Cats be Vegan?

We all know cats and dogs are different – but did you know their dietary requirements are also very different!

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