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Can Cats be Vegan?

Can Cats be Vegan?

  • by Admin R&C

We all know cats and dogs are different – but did you know their dietary requirements are also very different! Unlike dogs and humans, which are omnivores, cats are obligate carnivores. Obligate means "by necessity;" restricted to one particularly characteristic mode of life or biologically essential for survival. 

In other words, If you intend to keep your favourite feline healthy, there’s no need to include fruits or veggies to balance their diet. Simply give them a variety of high-quality, animal-based proteins such as fish, beef, or chicken. 

Some feeding behaviours that are common among obligate carnivores (such as lions) include searching, hunting, and catching of prey, as well as after-meal habits like grooming and sleeping. These are indications of the domestic cat’s evolution from their big cat relatives!

Three other interesting facts about cat feeding behaviours are:

  • Cats typically eat 10-20 small meals throughout the day and night

  • Cat’s stomachs are smaller than dogs and simpler in structure. Because cats do not consume large meals, the stomach is less important as a storage reservoir

  • Cats are susceptible to the physical form, odour, temperature, and taste of foods – in other words, they’re fussy! They may not be keen on food that is either hot or cold. They prefer their food near body temperature (~ 38°C, 101.5°F).

So, while your intentions to introduce your favourite feline into veganism are pure and noble, don’t forget that your kitty was born a protein loving carnivore! 

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Feed any time of day as a treat or reward, in conjunction with a complete and balanced diet with plenty of fresh water. If you have questions about your pet's specific diet please chat to your vet. Happy crunching!

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