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Cat Harnesses, Collars and Leashes

Rufus and Coco Soft Mesh Cat Harness is made from durable nylon mesh which is both soft and breathable. The reflective straps simply clip-on, and are adjustable for the perfect fit for your cat. Available in black, red, blue or pink. 7 reviews
Bundle Me! Rufus and Coco multi-purpose dog lead is a lightweight, comfortable and secure lead for your dog. It features an adjustable length and reflective stitching for nighttime safety and visibility. 6 reviews
Sale High-quality cat collar with a leather look and fun silver metal fish stud detailing. Rufus and Coco fish stud cat collar is adjustable, comes with a bell and safety elastic to prevent the collar from getting caught. Available in pink, blue, green and silver - all with silver lining. Fits cats, puppies and miniature dog breeds. 3 reviews

Fish Stud Cat Collar

Bundle Me! Rufus and Coco's dog seat belt attachment is comfortable and secure for travelling with your dog a car. Fits most makes and models of cars. To use, attach the durable nylon dog seat belt attachment to your dog's harness. Then clip into your car's seat belt holder and adjust length for a secure and comfy fit. 1 review
Sale A luxe-looking velvet cat collar with a diamante bow. Available in 6 colours. All colours come with a bell and safety elastic built-in. Size: 23 - 27 cm. Fits cats, puppies and miniature dog breeds. 4 reviews

Diamante Bow Cat Collar

3 reviews
Sale 2 reviews
6 reviews
Sale 2 reviews
Sale 2 reviews

Diamante Cat Collar

1 review

With a large selection of stylish and affordable cat harnesses, collars and leashes, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your adventurous cat. All Rufus & Coco’s cat accessories are designed in Australia to our high-quality standards and will fit comfortably on any cats and kittens.

We have the best cat and kitten harnesses that are a great option for those who want to safely walk their cat outdoors. Our soft cat harness is shaped like a vest and is available in a variety of cute colours to suit your cat or kitten. For furry explorers, pair our cat harness with a lead. You’ll be walking your cat on a leash in no time with our long cat leash and retractable cat leash options.

Rufus & Coco also has all the cat collars you need to keep your feline looking purr-fect! Whether you're looking for cute diamante cat collars, studded cat collars or cat collars with bows, we have the right products for you. Our cat collars come with bells and we have breakaway cat collar options to ensure the safety of your pet.