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Dog Clean Up

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            Rufus & Coco has all the dog clean up products you need to keep your dog and your home clean and fresh. Our dog and puppy training pads are fashionable with a discreet grey colour, and functional as they’re super absorbent and contain attractants that will help your dog or puppy learn to pee in the right place. Has your furry friend gone somewhere else that’s not their dog pee pad? Use our dog pee cleaner to remove that unwanted dog urine smell from your carpet and other services. Not only will it get rid of the dog urine smell, this enzyme cleaner for dog urine will also remove the stain. Clean up your furry friend with our biodegradable dog wipes. These dog wet wipes are perfect for spot cleaning your dog’s fur and paws. And then when you’re out and about make sure you bring our compostable dog poop bags with you in our Rufus & Coco branded dog poop bag holder available in gold or silver.

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