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Detangling Comb
Detangling Comb
Detangling Comb
Detangling Comb
Detangling Comb
Detangling Comb

Detangling Comb

The Rufus & Coco Detangling Comb is the perfect tool for gently removing knots and tangles from your furry mate’s coat. It features an easy-grip handle and stainless steel teeth - perfect for grooming the curliest of coats! Suitable for pets with an undercoat, long or curly-haired breeds.

Colours: ORANGE & GREY


  • Rubber grip for easy use
  • Durable, stainless steel teeth
  • Reduce matting and ensure a well-maintained coat
  • Suitable for all furry friends, especially those with an undercoat

How to Use

For long haired pets, start with a spritz of Rufus & Coco 4in 1 Pamper & Detangler Spray to smooth and detangle.

Start by combing gently along the top layer of fur from head to tail. Then, you're ready to work into the tangled undercoat. Work gently to remove knots by repeatedly combing the same area. If the fur is very matted or difficult to comb, it may be necessary to have the coat clipped or cut out the knots.

For best results, use with Rufus & Coco's range of furrific range of shampoos and conditioners.


20 cm (h) x 5 cm (w)

I'm not really high maintenace, but everybosy knows that matted fur is a cat-astrophe! That's why I keep my fur coat catwalk ready with a Rufus & Coco Detangling Comb. Just a few quick combs and i'm not knotty anymore!"

Betty, age 3

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