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Bundle Me! Rufus & Coco's Anxiety Aid is a professionally formulated palatable powder. It contains tryptophan along with other B group vitamins and minerals to help your dogs and cats. 6 reviews

Anxiety Aid

Bundle Me! Sale The Rufus & Coco Air Mesh Dog Collars in bright and funky colours - breathable, durable, adjustable and washable! 6 reviews

Air Mesh Collar

Bundle Me! Rufus and Coco multi-purpose dog lead is a lightweight, comfortable and secure lead for your dog. It features an adjustable length and reflective stitching for nighttime safety and visibility. 5 reviews
Rufus and Coco Chew Stopper is a behavioural training aid. The bitter taste can be used to help train your pet to stop chewing certain areas. It is safe to use on your pet's fur and skin, most furniture, shoes and household objects. 1 review

Chew Stopper

2 reviews
Sale 7 reviews

Bamboo Bio Wipes

2 reviews
3 reviews
2 reviews