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            Welcoming a new furry family member? Rufus & Coco has all the must haves for your new puppy! Our wide range of puppy supplies include absorbent puppy training pads which you can pair with our dog pee attractant to teach your furry friend where to go. There's bound to be a few mistakes along the way, so make sure you have our dog urine cleaner on hand to get rid of the smell and stains. Another dog behaviour product that is part of every pet parents' list of puppy essentials is our chew stopper spray for dogs that is safe to use on most household furniture and objects. Of course bringing home a new puppy isn't just about training and behaviour. Make sure your pup starts off on the right paw with our other puppy supplies including fashionable puppy collars, harnesses and leads, engaging puppy toys, and more!

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