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10 Cat Breeds Purrfect for Cold Weather

10 Cat Breeds Purrfect for Cold Weather

  • by Rufus and Coco

Winter isn’t the most pleasant season for cats, and there are breeds that hate the cold more than others. However, some seem to possess a genetic advantage to better cope with chilly temperatures, although they wouldn't mind getting cozy on a heated blanket when possible.

In this article, we look at 10 cat breeds that actually have no issue feeling comfortable, even when it’s cold outside.


Cats That Thrive During Winter


It’s in the name – Siberian cats are made for hard winters. They have a coat made of not one, not two, but three different layers, which renders their body almost water and cold-resistant.

As one of the oldest cat breeds that exist today, the Siberian cat is friendly and social, so it makes a good option for families with kids. Despite their long hair, they are considered hypoallergenic.

Keep up with your Siberian cat’s grooming necessities even in the winter with our award-winning Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats have a coat composed of just two layers, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less capable of handling the cold. The bottom layer provides them with insulation, while the outer one prevents water from coming in direct contact with their skin.

Compared to other cats, Russian Blues are more independent, so they appreciate their alone time. They do like hanging around people, but they’re less dependent on them.

While they don’t shed a lot, they will leave some fur here and there, so if you’d like to keep your home clean and tidy, we recommend checking out our Self Cleaning Fur Remover. It works on all sorts of surfaces, from clothes to carpets and couches.

Norwegian Forest Cat

As their name suggests, Norwegian Forest Cats were made to love nature and the woods. That also means that their coats are thick and water-resistant, so they keep them well-protected against moisture and the cold.

This breed loves socialising with other cats and people, and they love getting attention, so make sure you are capable of handling these necessities. It’s a large breed, so it does require some space and plenty of mental and physical stimulation from regular play sessions.

Maine Coon

If you’ve been meaning to buy or adopt a cat that’s on the larger side, a Maine Coon will warm your heart and never leave you feeling lonely. These cats are easily adaptable and friendly, and they will enjoy a game of hunting every now and then.

Thanks to their heavy and water-repellent coats, Maine Coons are more than capable of handling inclement weather. However, they still love lazing around indoors just like any other cat.


Did you know that Persian cats have a double coat? Although most live indoors these days, especially given their special needs, they are perfectly able to withstand the cold.

Persians are among the fluffiest cats in the world, so they definitely need some more attention when it comes to grooming. They love to be brushed and pampered, but since some have very long hair, you may need to use a Detangling Comb on their coat on occasion.


Although this breed originates from Cyprus, it is primarily a mountain cat, which means that it can handle the abuse of chilly weather. Despite being outfitted with quite thick coats, these cats don’t tend to shed as much as other breeds.

Also known as Aphrodite’s Giant Shorthair or Aphrodite Giant, this cat is rather large and muscular and loves spending time with their owners or playing for minutes on end. Fortunately, they are known for their calm temperament, so despite being huge, they are known as gentle giants.


This French cat breed is medium-sized and heavily muscled. Its coat is water-repellent, so the cold season doesn’t necessarily affect its health or comfort too much.

Thanks to their pleasant demeanour, Chartreux cats have become popular with families. They do have a tendency to choose one person to be extremely loyal to, so do keep that in mind.

It’s also worth noting that the Chartreux is a much more social cat compared to others, and they will vocalise if they don’t get any attention from their humans.


Given that it hails from Canada, the Cymric is perfectly adapted to the cold. It is related to the Manx cat; in fact, some sources often consider it the same breed. Their muscular and compact bodies render them a little stockier than other cats, and while they are athletic, they will put on a bit of weight if they are spayed or neutered.

The Cymric’s thick overcoat makes it possible for this pet to prevent them from getting wet while the underlayer provides them with insulation.

This is a friendly and sociable breed, often being more friendly towards people than towards other animals. Some keep their kitten-like personalities for the entire duration of their life, even through adulthood and their senior years.


As the name itself suggests, Himalayans are made to handle the cold. They actually feel best when you have the air conditioning running in the summer due to their dual-layered coat. And because they have such thick layers of fur, they feel warm even when the temperature drops.

But their coat also calls for a bit more care and attention, so you should consider using a Self Cleaning Deshedder Brush once every four to five days.

Himalayan cats are very people-oriented, so they love nothing more than to cuddle up with their owners. They do love their play sessions too, so make sure you give them plenty of that.

Scottish Fold

As you probably know, Scotland is a country that doesn’t have a reputation for being sunny all year long. As such, the Scottish Fold is perfectly suited for not just cold but rainy climates, too. It has a generally thick coat, but it’s even thicker in potentially sensitive areas such as the thighs or the tail.

This cat is also known for being docile and calm, but they do tend to suffer from loneliness if they are left alone for many hours. Some even develop depression due to being lonely, so do consider that before adopting or buying a Scottish Fold kitten.

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