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10 Fun Facts About Dogs (You Probably Didn't Know About)

10 Fun Facts About Dogs (You Probably Didn't Know About)

  • by Rufus and Coco

They're known as 'man's best friend' and sometimes we think we've got them all figured out, but do we really? To give you more insights about our canine besties, here are 10 fun facts about dogs which you probably didn't know about!


1. All puppies are born deaf.

2. Dogs are not colorblind as they can recognize the colours blue and yellow.

3. Bloodhound's are super sniffers. Their sense of smell is so accurate that in some countries, their tracking results can be used as evidence in court.

4. A dog's nose can sense heat or thermal radiation which is why deaf or blind dogs can still hunt effectively.

5. A dog's noseprint can be likened to that of a human's fingerprint - it is unique to that dog alone.

6. In order to protect their organs, dogs usually sleep in a curled up position.

7. When dogs kick backward after pooping, the action is not meant to cover up the mess, but to mark their territory using the scent glands in their feet.

8. Yawning isn't only contagious for humans, but for dogs too. A sound from a human yawn can trigger one from a dog, and is four times more likely to happen when it comes from someone he knows.

9. While cheetahs are considered as the fastest animal on earth at 70mph, they can only sustain this speed for about 30 seconds. A greyhound, on the other hand, can run at 30mph but hold up for a whopping seven miles!

10. The Australian Shepherd breed is not actually from Australia, but is an American breed.

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