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5 Clean-up Essentials For Your Kitty

5 Clean-up Essentials For Your Kitty

  • by Rufus and Coco

If you have recently adopted a kitten and you don’t know what types of products are essential for maintaining good hygiene, we're here to break it for you.

In today’s article, we look at several tools that can help you clean your cat’s litter box and their body as easily as possible. Plus, delve into some detail on why keeping everything clean should be included in your top priority. 


How to Make Kitty Clean-Up a Breeze

The ‘bathroom’ experience

Picking a suitable litter and litter box is important, especially if you want to be eco-friendly. But making sure that the litter doesn’t get scattered all throughout the house is an entirely different story.

These days, there are some options to tackle this issue. You can get a litter box whose sides are a bit taller or that boasts a completely covered design. Some even come with doors, so the amount of litter that your cat manages to get outside the box is going to be very low.

But there’s another way of managing this issue. Our Wee Kitty Litter Trap Mat can make sure that the litter doesn’t end up all over your floor. You merely place it in front of your litter box, and it will conveniently collect all the excess litter that might have gotten stuck in-between your cat’s toes.

The mat is quite versatile in that you can also use it for collecting food and water spills from your kitty’s bowls.

Get the right accessories

The litter box and scoop that you will use can make or break the clean-up experience for you. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time handling pet waste, so everything should be as swift and smooth as possible.

The most important factor to focus on when choosing between litter boxes would have to be their design. Ideally, it should minimise the mess as much as possible. Try our Wee Kitty Posh Potty if you’re looking for a good option. Its high sides can keep the litter in one place, and it also perfectly matches our Elasticised Litter Tray Liners.

Cleaning tiny messes

Young cats aren’t as good at cleaning their bodies as their adult counterparts. While they might try to groom themselves like all cats do, the truth is that they can get very messy, especially if they’re very small.

Kittens are also known for sticking their whole face into the food bowl, particularly if they are feeling ravenous.

Instead of using human wipes, which could contain nasty additives and chemicals, you could opt for an eco-friendly and, more importantly, pet-safe alternative. The Bamboo Bio Wipes are both biodegradable, made with safe ingredients, and contain a chamomile extract that soothes your cat’s skin.

Accidents can happen

If your kitty isn’t litter box trained yet, you might have to deal with a whole new other type of mess altogether. Cats can pee on floors, upholstery, carpets, and pretty much anywhere in your home.

Animal urine can leave stains, but they can’t even compare to the marks that animal feces can leave, especially on white couches or armchairs.

A great enzyme cleaner like the Wee & Stain Away can make sure that your task is a lot easier. Besides cleaning the colour of vomit, feces, and urine, it can also eliminate the scent of these droppings. Plus, it’s very easy to use. You just spray it on whichever surface your kitten has stained, saturate it with the product, and then lightly rinse with water.

Eliminate nasty smells

If your cat marks their territory all over the house, you might have a bit of a hard time telling which areas you should clean.

But if your kitten is house-trained and using their litter box on a regular basis, you might find that the box itself can retain some of the urine and feces smell after a while.

Sometimes, giving it a thorough wash doesn’t make much of a difference, but our Litter Tray Mate enzyme cleaner can help remove your cat’s urine smell. It’s effective, convenient, and made with safe ingredients - no ammonia or harsh chemicals. It also comes with an apple scent for that perfect fresh finish.


Why Kitty Clean-Up Matters

Your cat’s urine and feces could be carrying potentially dangerous pathogens. All animals, and humans, too, have bacteria and other microorganisms in their gut and urinary system, and if you do not maintain good hygiene, you could be putting your cat’s health at risk.

Kittens that tend to their business in dirty litter have a higher risk of developing urinary tract infections. They effectively sit in litter that’s contaminated with days-old urine that carries bacteria.

On top of that, excellent hygiene is essential for keeping yourself and your family healthy. Some of the pathogens, including Toxoplasma gondii, from your cat’s feces and urine can be transmitted to humans, and the last thing you'd want is to get ill along with your feline.



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