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5 Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

5 Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

  • by Rufus and Coco

Keeping your dog entertained regardless of the season is extremely important to their over-all well-being. Not only does it give them a positive and happier disposition, but it also develops their mental agility that prevents cognitive dysfunction issues as they age.

So when the sun is shining brightly in the sky, you might want to take advantage of the weather and squeeze in some playtime with your mate. In this article, we list down 5 types of games you can try playing with your pooch this summer.

Games Your Dog Will Love This Summer

Water games

If you’re a first-time dog owner, you might not be aware of how dangerous hot weather can be for dogs. If they engage in a lot of exercise and don’t manage to cool down, they can end up suffering from heat stroke.

For this reason, water games are the best you can try on a hot summer’s day - whether you add some toys to them or not. Playing with your dog around your sprinklers with our Natural Rubber Chew Toy can keep your pet entertained and cool at the same time.

Treat games

Let’s face it...some dogs can be extremely food oriented and become more motivated to be active when treats come into the picture. What makes treat games fantastic, especially when you use a toy like our FLY: Treat Me Toy is that you can combine playtime and snack time without too much of a fuss. Whether you put in some sticks treats or a peanut butter, your furball is sure to enjoy playtime even more.


Frisbee is a great retrieval game and makes a good over-all exercise, especially when your dog has been mostly sedentary.

A great toy for this would be the I Give a Wag - Rupert Reindeer Disc Toy since it’s made from safe materials, is cute, colourful, and eye-catching. Our disc toys also comes in other animal forms like lion, flamingo, zebra, and unicorn which you can all collect for your bestie.

Find the hidden toy

We all know that dogs sometimes tend to hide their toys on purpose to make sure that they always have them available or to ensure that no one takes it away.

If your dog seems to have a knack for finding hidden things, you can get them a toy and fill it with a couple of snacks so that they rely on their sense of smell to discover it. This type of game also works if you want to organise a playdate for your pet, but keep in mind that you need to use two separate toys in this case to avoid any conflict with your pooch's friend.

Tug of War

Although some dog parents tend to think that tug of war can make their pet more aggressive or dominant, this is a complete myth. So long as you reinforce good behaviour on a regular basis and take a break whenever you see your mate getting riled up, you will not be handing your dog more control than you have to.

Tug of war makes a great game especially for older dogs that have had some form of training. This game allows them to have fun without you worrying too much about sudden negative behaviour towards you or towards others if you're playing outside.


Safety comes first, especially in the summer

Keep in mind that extreme heat is detrimental to both dogs and humans, so try to play with your pet in the shade. All dogs love to play, but if they do it right under the scorching heat of the sun, they won't only end up feeling tired easily, but it could also lead to heatstroke and other injuries or illnesses.

Make sure that your dog has plenty of cool water at their disposal. If you’re at the park, take a collapsible water bowl with you to keep your pet properly hydrated.

If your dog starts showing symptoms like heavy panting, changes in their gum colour (bright red) or if they seem to be confused about where they are, immediately stop playing, get your dog in the shade, and give them small and frequent sips of water.

Another thing to take into consideration is your pet's skin, so make sure you use sunscreen for their nose, ears, and abdomen as these are the common areas where they are more likely to get sunburn. Be mindful to use only pet-safe sunscreen because they're specifically designed for dogs and are safe in case accidentally ingested in small amounts.

And if you can help it, you should ideally play with your dog in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures aren't too harsh.

If you’re going out on the beach or on a lake, use a life vest. Many dogs are natural-born swimmers, but their physical features might make it difficult for them to keep their heads on top of the water. As with any outdoor activity, it's better to be over than underprepared.

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