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Environmental Paw Print The Facts


Here are some interesting facts regarding your pet's environmental paw print to help you understand why it is so important to consider the use of natural products.


  • A single cat can contribute more than 200kg of litter to landfill each year.
  • With an estimated 3.9 million cats in Australia, and each using a minimum of 2kg of litter per week, our landfills could receive more than 400 million kgs of kitty litter waster each year.
  • Kitty litter contributes more than 2 billion kilograms of mined clay each year to landfill. Strip mining is an environmentally destructive process that involves completely removing all vegetation from the area and then proceeding to upturn and remove the earth to obtain clay, which is used in traditional clumping litters.
  • Crystal litter has more than 10 times the CO2 pressure of other litters, taking approximately 5 tonnes of coal to produce and one tonne of silica cel - Making one of the worst litter products for our environment. 
  • 49% of pet owners are worried about their pet's environmental impact.
  • 41% of pet owners are concerned about putting soiled litter into the rubbish.
  • 49% of pet owners are unaware that bentonite clay and crystal litters are mined from the earth.
  • 32% of Australians use clay litter.
  • 65% of Americans use clay litter.
  • 21% of Australians use crystal litter

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