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6 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Father's Day With Your Pet

6 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Father's Day With Your Pet

  • by Admin R&C

Father's Day (also known as Fur-thers day for pet parents!) is just around the corner.

While it may not be possible to celebrate in a big way like we used to due to COVID, here are 6 alternative, simple and meaningful ways for you to celebrate Fur-thers Day with your furry friends. Our list covers all types of interests and pet personalities so you can make some wonderful lasting memories with them.

Get in touch with nature 

Escape and avoid the crowds by exploring nature within your local neighbourhood. Pack a picnic and find a local bush walk track. Spend the day enjoying your surroundings and the breathe in the fresh air. Nothing is more peaceful than walking though the bushes and discovering new areas with your dog.

There are many dog friendly bush walking tracks around Australia. Head to Pupsy to search for one in your local area. Be sure to check that the track is dog friendly and observe the signs while you are there. Some trails may lead into a national park or other areas where dogs are not permitted.

Most bush walking tracks will require your dog to be on leash. A short leash can be boring for your dog, so to give your dog more freedom to safely wonder during your adventure. To help you do this, try our 3 meter Retractable Dog Lead.

While it may seem unconventional, you can also take your cat along with you on the hike. Keep in mind that not all cats will enjoy going to new places and some tracks might not be cat friendly. It is also best to go somewhere quiet. For more details on how to begin hiking with your cat, read this Cat Explorer blog post. 

Don’t forget to pack some treats for your dog (or cat!). After all, if you will be stopping for a picnic, it’s only fair they get to enjoy something yummy as well! Try our all-natural and popular Reel Fish Crunchers. Made with 100% sustainably sourced Australian fish, this treat has no artificial additives or preservatives, which make them the perfect guilt-free and delicious treat for your cat or dog. 

Indulge at home 

Are you more of a homebody? Or perhaps your pet does not enjoy going to new places. Plan to have a mini stay-cation instead! Treat yourself to breakfast in bed – cook your own or indulge and order some delivery from your favourite local café instead.

Then treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering - think facials and messages, or plan a movie marathon. Close the curtains, get some blankets and pillows, prepare some snacks and popcorn, then snuggle in with your pet to watch your favourite movies or binge watch some TV series. 

If you have a dog that is high energy and can’t cope with being at home and relaxing all day, be sure to take them out for a walk beforehand and prepare some food puzzle toys (such as our Football Treat Me toy) as enrichment. That way, your dog will also be able to relax and enjoy the day with you. Prepare your puzzle toy by filling it with treats, wet food or peanut butter. For something different and longer lasting, freeze the toy and the contents before giving it to your dog. 

Get active 

If getting out and about is more your speed, why not spend the day getting active? Bring your dog for a run or place your cat in a cat backpack and go on a bike ride. Alternatively, head to a local dog friendly beach for a game of fetch or for a swim with your furry best friend. Our Fly: Treat Me toys are perfect for active outdoor days. This durable, all-in-one toy comes with a strap for interactive tug play and floats on water too. 

If you have a cat or a dog that is not interested in high intensity outdoor activities, work out at home and include them by being a little creative. Get your dog or cat to sit near you and reach out to give them a pat or a treat with alternate hands while doing a plank or holding a yoga pose. If they know some tricks, you can also ask them to perform different tricks between each exercise rep. Just like humans, our pets need to have enough exercise in order to keep them healthy. This activity is not only fun, but also beneficial for both your well-beings!

Build something 

Do you like to tinker around and build things? Spend the day building a fun playhouse or accessory for your pet. It can be a temporary and fun project, like taping cardboard boxes together and cutting holes in them for your cat to explore. Or it can be a more permanent piece of furniture such as a pet bed frame or a hanger for your leashes and collars. Whatever you choose, building something inspired by your pet is a great way of staying indoors and bonding with them. 


Camping is a great option for nature loving fur dads and pets. Pack your bags, hop in the car, and head to a local dog friendly camping site. Enjoy getting in touch with nature and bonding with your pet and family while gazing at the stars.

If immersing yourself in the wilderness is not your thing, how about setting up a more comfortable camping experience at home? Set up a tent or hang a hammock outside, pack your bags and make an effort to disconnect from technology as you spend time connecting with your pet.

Have fun and add some mood lighting by hanging fairy lights! You can also set up a portable stove to cook your dinner and roast some marshmallows. One of the benefits of camping at home is that you don't have to worry about forgetting something and your pet will also feel much more settled.


If you are more of a master chef type, you could spend the day whipping up a delicious meal for your family and your pet. We're sure that your food loving cat or dog would be more than happy to hang out in the kitchen and help you taste test your dishes! Check out some of our pet friendly recipes from our past blogs:


Whatever you choose to do this Fur-thers Day, we hope you have a wonderful day with your family and pets. Do something you enjoy and spend extra time relaxing and connecting with them.




Thank you to all our Fur-Dads who participated in our social media Fur-ther's Day photo competition.

We love you all and hope you have a fur-bulous day! 

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