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Get Hooked on the PURRfect Scoop

A litter scoop is an essential accessory to any great cat litter. The trouble is, no one likes having a dirty (and probably germy) scoop lying about on the laundry or bathroom floor! As cat parents, we get it - and we set out to solve this messy problem.

The answer? The Coco Hook-On Litter Scoop!

Coco is not just the cutest scoop you've ever seen, it also features a patent-pending hook on - a design that allows it to sit neatly on the side of your litter tray - so it's ready for action whenever you are! Coco also has a hole in the tail to enable it to be hung from a hook if you prefer.

Coco is a great value accessory that will brighten your day, every day.

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