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How to Choose a Pet-friendly Holiday

How to Choose a Pet-friendly Holiday

  • by Sandra McHendrie

For most pet parents, our pets are part of the family. In fact, in our recent survey we found that 91% of pet owners said their pet is their best friend! So it’s no surprise that going on a holiday and leaving your beloved pets behind can be heartbreaking. It’s just not the same without your best (furry) pal by your side, so why not bring them with you?

Depending on the type of holiday and where you are going, it’s now easier than ever to bring your fur-babies along for the ride.

Camping or travelling around in a campervan/motorhome

This can be the perfect opportunity to bring your mate along. There are countless campsites that are pet-friendly around Australia. Just be sure to check ahead that everywhere you have booked and plan to go is pet-friendly - remembering that national parks are a no-go zone for dogs in Australia to protect our wildlife.

Hotels and holiday homes

These are also joining the pet-friendly movement with a growing number, offering loads of pet inclusions like bowls and beds to make it super easy to travel with a pet in tow. Most accommodation booking websites now offer the ability to filter properties that allow pets – and specific sites like can give plenty of pet vacay inspiration!

Traveling by air

A bit more preparation is needed if you're planning to travel by air . It can seem daunting, but pet transport experts like JetPets can guide you through what’s needed to get to your destination faster than a jack rabbit.

First, take your pet for a vet check-up to ensure that they are fit and ready to fly. If your pet is too young or old, or not in full health, your airline may restrict their travel. You’ll also need to check the pet weight and height restrictions of your chosen airline. Your pet transporter should help you organise paperwork including transit health certificates, permits, and quarantine provisions.

Find out what style and size of the crate they’ll be travelling in, and if you have an anxious pet, let your mate get comfortable by spending some time in there before the big day. Take them on short journeys and fill the crate with their favourite snuggle toy or blanket.

Before you take your pet along, think carefully about your pet’s needs

Realistically, will you have time to entertain and spend quality time with your pet? If you’ll be out all day it might not be such a memorable vacation for your pooch!

Found a pawfect holiday for you and your pet?

We've put some tips together on how to make your holiday furrific, click here

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