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The Winners of the 2021 Australian Pawtrait Prize Competition

The Winners of the 2021 Australian Pawtrait Prize Competition

  • by Rufus and Coco

At Rufus & Coco, we believe that we can truly improve humanity one pet at a time and one way to show this is for us to celebrate the love that Australians have for their pets. Hence, the Australian Pawtrait Prize Competition was born and the search for Australia's Next Top Dog or Cat took centerstage.

After a month, 6 exciting categories, over 3,000 pawsome entries, and $12,000 worth of prizes...we present you the winners for this year's Australian Pawtrait Prize Competition!

Pawfect Moments - Kurtis & Azalea

Sponsored by Better Pets & Gardens, this category celebrates those precious moments of love and affection!

Kurtis & Azalea - Pawfect Moments Winner

Mess Maker - Bronte

Sponsored by The Fur Salon, this category gives credit to dogs who can’t resist a puddle, loves rolling in the mud, and believes that getting mucky is a true art form!

Bronte - Mess Maker Winner

The Odd Bunch - Percy & Albus Dumblepaw

Sponsored by Rufus & Coco, this category highlights those caught off-guard, ‘I wasn’t ready for the camera’ moments!

Percy & Albus Dumblepaw - The Odd Bunch Winners

Where's The Party At? - Angel

Sponsored by La La Land, this category showcases those ‘life of the party,’ energetic furballs who love to play, jump, and move around!

Angel - Where's The Party At Winner

The Talk of the Catwalk - Eubie

Sponsored by Wee Kitty, this category pays tribute to the fancy felines who like to strut their stuff!

Eubie - The Talk of the Catwalk Winner

I Got Swag - Bailey

Sponsored by Rufus & Coco, this category shows off those ‘too cool for school,’ full of attitude moments!

Bailey - I Got Swag Winner

Congratulations to all the winners! If you want to see the gallery of all the pawsome entries or want to join the waitlist for the next edition, check out

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