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What Kind of Toys do Cats Like?

What Kind of Toys do Cats Like?

  • by Rufus and Coco

If a cat has recently joined your family, you’re probably wondering what the best ways of keeping her entertained are. But what kind of toys do cats like? Which ones are safe? How can you go about picking the right one for your feline buddy? 

We’re answering all of these questions in today’s article, so keep on reading!  


What do cats like to play with? 

Playtime is necessary for every cat in order for them to feel completely relaxed and happy. That’s why cat ownership involves a lot more responsibilities than just feeding and taking your pet to the vet every now and then.  

Every cat is unique, so some might respond differently to various toys. Here are some of the most common ones that cats seem to appreciate.  

Treat toys 

If your feline companion is heavily stimulated by food, getting her an accessory such as our Rock & Roll Treat Dispenser Toy can be the correct decision.

Unlike others, this one is very easy to open and close, so you’ll have no problems getting the snacks that your cat loves most into it. It’s also great for cats that have a tendency toward being obese, so it largely reduces the amount of food that your pet consumes during the day.  

Plus, it can keep her entertained for minutes on end, and it’s also quite brain-stimulating.  

The design itself adds value to the toy as even if things get messy inside, you’ll have no trouble cleaning it.  

Active toys 

Cats are natural-born predators, so they respond best to toys that can stimulate their need to chase around a small prey.  

Some toys that your feline friend might fall in love with are the Rocking Feathers Cat Toy and the Fling & Chase Cat Toy. The first one is very easy to use, especially since it doesn’t even need any batteries - it spins and wobbles all on its own, attracting your cat with its colourful feathers.

As for the second, the best thing about it is that it's lightweight enough for your cat to play with without needing much interference from you. It naturally stimulates your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts, and it’s also made of safe materials.

Laser Cat Toy is another that you should consider if your pet responds to visual stimulants that involve light. Almost all cats go insane with enthusiasm when you play with a laser. The Rufus & Coco model is rechargeable, so you aren’t going to have to constantly buy any batteries. This one’s great for a slightly overweight cat that needs its fair share of exercise and activity.  


Catnip toys 

While some cats don’t care for catnip at all, others seem to go crazy with its scent.  

There are toys that are stuffed with the dried plant, but beware - after some time, your cat’s likely to destroy it, so the catnip will end up everywhere in your living space.  


What to consider when choosing a toy for your cat 

Your cat’s size 

Petite cats are easily scared by large toys, especially if they also make weird sounds. Try to keep your cat’s body size in mind whenever choosing between one toy over another. A big cat can play with a small toy, but the other way around, not so much.  

Your cat’s age 

Kittens should play with delicate and comfortable toys rather than highly interactive ones. This means that they can’t get hurt, but it also aids you in training your feline companion since it will minimise aggressive behaviours.  

Some treats that you can use for training your cat, especially if she’s learning how to play fetch, are the Reel Fish Crunchers. Not only are they completely safe for cats of all ages, but they’re also packed with minerals, protein, as well as Omega 3.

Adult cats appreciate interactive toys best, so feel free to get as many balls, rods, and feathery toys for them.  

Dental needs 

Some toys can remove tartar and help clean your cat’s teeth, but they are no substitute for regular teeth cleaning routines. If your cat has dental problems, try to opt for soft toys rather than getting hard balls and other such accessories.  

Unsafe cat toys 

Almost anything that can be swallowed and that could create severe digestive problems should be avoided at all cost. Some unsafe household items include paper clips, plastic bags, pins, and needles, just to name a few.

Dental floss, string, rubber bands, as well as anything that your feline friend might be able to chew and swallow are all a no-go, too.  


Household items cats like to play with  

Since cats tend to get bored with their toys quite easily, we recommend getting several and rotating between them on a weekly basis. Your pet will always be surprised and delighted when you present her with a toy she hasn’t seen for some time.  

Several household items that are safe enough to be used by cats for play are  ping pong balls, socks, cardboard boxes. Even shoelaces can provide your pet with some entertainment if nothing else is available or if they’ve become completely bored with their old toys.  

We advise against using rolled up aluminum foil as some cats might be able to destroy the ‘ball’ you’ve created and eat the material.

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