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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

  • by Rufus and Coco

Cats can show a variety of apparently unusual behaviours, and they’re still quite unique compared to other pets. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question ‘Why does my cat follow me everywhere?’, we’re giving you some possible answers in today’s post.  

They want to spend more time with you 

Even though the ways in which cats show us love are still rather unclear, modern house cats definitely appreciate our presence. Nothing’s better than cuddling up in bed with your cat and a book or while watching your favourite TV show, right?  

It's the same for them. Sometimes, just 5 to 10 minutes spent petting your cat can make them happy and bring them calm.

They can suffer from separation anxiety  

There are some cats that just don’t like to be alone, so they tend to become anxious or be stressed if they are left by themselves for hours on end.  

Naturally, everyone has to work, so it’s practically impossible to fully satisfy this type of cat, but you could at least provide them with as many means of entertainment as possible -- at least when you’re absent.  

There are many studies that have shown that cats can get very attached to their owners and suffer from separation anxiety if their guardian leaves for a period of weeks or even months.  

They want to know what you are up to 

As intelligent as they are, cats are known for being particularly nosy. They love to know what you're up to, and if they could be aware of this at all times, that would be even better.  

Cats also enjoy being a part of the action. If you’re cooking food, your feline friend might want to jump on the table or counter to find out what you’re making. But they do all this out of pure curiosity.

They feel safe in your presence 

Although they’re often seen as aloof and independent pets, cats do tend to create strong bonds with their pet parents. In fact, some might resemble the relationship that develops between a mother and their child.  

After all, you’re the one who feeds them, cleans their litter box, and takes care of them in every possible way. If you’re the owner of a particularly clingy and easily scared cat, you might be the only person they might feel safe with.  

They might be asking for help 

This specie is not exactly known for showing disease symptoms, which makes it challenging for owners to tell when something might be wrong with their pets.  

Usually, most cats that are in pain or are experiencing some kind of distress are going to hide and not want to interact with you at all. But some are different, so they actively try to tell you that they are not feeling well. 

It’s not uncommon for some cats to meow at their owners, follow them around, and go to the litter box time and again so as to tell them that their litter needs to be changed - and this is just an example.  

They can do it out of pure boredom 

Cats tend to follow their owners the most in the evening when they get back home from work. On the one hand, this means that they’re happy to see their guardians, but on the other, it could also mean that they want to have a bit of fun and that they were bored while you were away.  

Make sure to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes with your cat playing every day. Play is essential to keeping a cat happy as they need their mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy.

They’re doing it to guard their territory 

You belong to your feline companion much in the same way your cat belongs to you. If you were away from home for a while, your cat is going to want to mark you.  

Cats have scent glands located in their cheeks, so they’ll want to thoroughly rub them on you before they start feeling at ease. This could be another potential reason why they would want to follow you around.   

They want more food 

Sometimes, the reason this behaviour happens is very practical. If your feline buddy is quite food-oriented and you seem to have forgotten to refill their food bowl, they’ll be on your back until you realise what’s wrong and give them a treat.  

Usually, cats that follow you for this reason will also rub on your legs, stare at you continuously, and meow in a dramatic manner.


Is it normal for your cat to follow you everywhere? 

The answer to this question is a big yes. Pet owners don’t have to feel worried if they see their feline friend following them around the house, especially if this doesn’t happen all the time.  

If it is something that occurs continuously for minutes on end, your cat might actually want something from you, or she could be asking for help.  

But if, for example, your cat tends to follow you everywhere in the morning, after you’ve been asleep, and therefore, completely boring them for several hours, or if it happens when you get back from work, you have nothing to worry about.   

Excessive shadowing 

While this behaviour is completely normal, some cats might try to tell you that something is wrong, or they could be unusually clingy. If this happens, you will notice the following things:  

  • Your cat’s following you even in the places she doesn’t usually like (the laundry room) 
  • Shadowing is accompanied by constant meowing 
  • Your cat becomes destructive when you leave home

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