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Reel Fish Crunchers

Rufus & Coco Clean & Chew Dog Dental Toy is great for jaw exercise and interactive toy play! This toy features soft brush fibres and unique ridges which work to clean your dog's teeth as they chew - promoting healthy gums and teeth. 9 reviews
Rufus & Coco's Fling & Chase Cat Toy is lightweight enough for independent play and works to stimulate your cats natural instincts to hunt and chase. Suitable for kittens and cats. This multi-sensory cat toy design combines all the things cat’s love in one cat toy. 3 reviews
Rufus & Coco Rufus Junior dog squeaky chew toy is the ultimate multifunctional dog chew toy. Made from durable rubber blend materials, floats in water and is safety tested. This interactive dog toy can also be filled with dog treats and used for rewarding play. 3 reviews
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