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Best Gifts Under $30 for Your Dogs

Best Gifts Under $30 for Your Dogs

  • by Rufus and Coco

The most wonder-fur time of the year is near and that means spreading some holiday cheer with gift-giving! But while we're busy with holiday preps, let's not forget our precious pets who also deserve some extra love and affection this time of the year.

If you're wondering what to give your dog this Christmas, fret not. We've rounded up some of our best selling products under $30 that your besties will surely love.


15 Gifts Under $30 for Your Dog

1. NEW Sportflex Harness - starts at $24.95

Harnesses are great in supporting a dog’s body whenever you take them out for walks because they’re not restrictive and they decrease the risk of inflicting any untoward injury onto their necks.

Our new Sportflex Harness is made from a durable neoprene fabrication which is both soft and quick-dry. The reflective straps simply clip on, and are adjustable for the perfect fit. Not only is it great for daytime walks, but for night walkies as well.

2. NEW Shock Ease Lead - $27.95

Another new and innovative item on our accessories range! This elastic lead might just be one of the best gifts you give your dog as it stretches and makes every walk enjoyable, even for puppies that haven’t yet learned how to walk on a leash.

The lead boasts a comfort handle equipped with neoprene cushioned lining and a night-time safety design (thanks to the reflective stitching). It's fitted with a unique stretch spring system that effectively absorbs shocks, easing the strain on your wrist and arms while protecting your pup during your outdoor adventures.

3. NEW Duramax Collar - starts at $17.95

Your dog’s collar needs to be the perfect pairing of style and function, and our third latest item on this list, the Duramax Collar, fits the bill.

This all-weather collar is made with a durable and flexible strap, making it comfortable and functional. It's also waterproof, odour resistant, and easy to clean - simply wipe with a clean, damp cloth and you're ready to go!

4. Bronte Collar - starts at $19.96

If you prefer a more fun and stylish accessory for your dog this holiday, our best selling, premium striped nylon dog collar with a signature Rufus & Coco etched clip is the perfect choice.

The Bronte Collar comes in a variety of colours - navy & green, red & pink, pink & yellow, and leopard prints -  and is a good match for toy, small, medium and large breeds.

5. Bronte Harness - $29.95

Sometimes, when it comes to harnesses, the simpler they are, the better. If your dog isn't a fan of having a harness on their body, the Bronte model might be a good fit.

It comes with reflective nylon stripes, which makes it safe even for early morning or night-time walks, and is available in navy, red, and leopard print.

6. Tuff Fluff Snuggle Toy - $21.95

This soft toy definitely speaks to the needs of dogs that tend to get a little anxious when their owners aren’t at home or when they have to be taken to the vet.

This toy is great in helping your furball feel safe and secure especially come naptime. It’s made to last, given the durable inner mesh layer and the double-stitched seams, and comes with a squeaker in its tummy for a more enjoyable playtime.

7. Natural Rubber Treat Ball - $18.95

Durability and convenience are two features that you should focus on whenever shopping for a new toy for your dog. But where this one shines is that it's both rugged and made with plant-based natural rubber, so it’s also friendly to the environment.

Plus points because you can always fill it with your dog’s favourite snacks. Available colours are blue, orange, pink, and lime.

8. Chase: Glow in the Dark Toy - $16.95

If you and your dog enjoy night-time walks, you need to make sure that you’re always safe. Besides fitting your dog with a reflective collar or harness, you should also use similar toys.

The Chase: Glow in the Dark Toy lets you and your dog enjoy the great outdoors even when it’s really dark outside. The durable rubber blend material makes this toy long-lasting, and has been safety tested and built tough for outdoor play.

9. Fly: Treat Me Toy - $16.95

If your dog loves treats and playtime (is there any dog who doesn't?), then this hits the spot!

It’s entirely compatible with a wide range of snacks - from dental chews to sticks - it's tough and built to last, and it even floats on water! Perfect option for when you want to hit the beach with your dog this holiday break.

10. Rufus Junior Chew Toy - $21.95

When your puppy starts teething, and they want to chew everything in your home, you definitely have to get a toy that can help address the issue. The Rufus Junior Chew Toy is not just durable enough to withstand the abuse of your dog's chompers, it also floats on water.

To make things even more interesting, its belly can be filled up with snacks so your dog gets a nice treat while they play and chew.

11. 4in1 Detangler & Pamper Spray - $15.95

Keep your pooch looking good and feeling great despite the Christmas chaos. Our pamper spray is professionally formulated to help deodorise the coat, remove tangles, and provide UV filter to reduce sun bleaching! It's great for when you need a quick fix for your bestie, whether it be indoors or outdoors

12. Self Cleaning Fur Remover - $17.95

This fur remover can be used on anything, ranging from clothes and carpets. It works great for both dog and cat hair which makes it an excellent choice for pet owners that have one of each.

Probably the best feature of this tool is that it's reusable, so you’re not going to have to spend your money on any refills. With a simple push of a button, you can remove all of the hair you’ve collected.

13. Self Cleaning Slicker Brush - $18.95

Dogs like a bit of grooming every now and then and unless you want your pet’s coat to get completely out of hand, you should make sure you brush it at least once a week, if not more often.

This clever, award-winning brush comes with a charcoal-infused head that prevents bacterial buildup on the skin. It also boasts a push-button slide that allows you to get rid of the fur you’ve collected with as little effort as possible

14. Eco Pee Mat - $18.95

Wasting money on plastic pee mats when your dog is young and hasn’t yet learned to go potty outside is never a good idea, especially when so many eco-friendly and reusable alternatives exist.

Our Eco Pee Mat is a good example since it’s completely washable and capable of absorbing up to 2 cups of liquid at a time. The non-slip backing that it comes with makes every potty experience safe and comfortable. It's the perfect ally for when you need to bring your furball to parties, but don't want them to leave a mess everywhere!

15. Reel Fish Crunchers - $10

Fishing for a snack? Give your besties a healthy and crunchy treat this holiday! Our Reel Fish Crunchers aren't just for kitties, but for doggies, too.

It's made from whole dried, sustainably sourced Australian fish packed with 70% protein, minerals, and Omega-3. It also has no artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives. Reel good, reel, healthy, reel crunchy!


Ultimately, whatever you decide to give your dog this Christmas, remember that your love, care, and affection will always trump any material gift...but of course, if you can shower them with both the intangible and tangible, then even better!

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