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Interactive Toys Your Pets Will Love

Interactive Toys Your Pets Will Love

  • by Rufus and Coco

Cats and dogs call for a bit of time and effort, and spending at least 30 to 60 minutes bonding with them every day is something that every pet owner should ensure.

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to keep your bestie as entertained as possible. Play is essential for keeping your pet’s brain health in check, and it can even prevent cognitive disorders in senior animals.

Here are some toys that might help you get the job done even when you aren’t home.


9 Interactive Toys for Dogs & Cats

Rufus Junior Chew Toy

This one can provide your pup with hours and hours of endless fun. Best of all, it is buoyant, which means that you can use it when you take your dog for a swim. It also features a fun squeaker and tummy that can store surprise treats!

The chew toy is great for puppies who are teething and might feel the incessant need to nibble on something.

Natural Rubber Treat Ball

As its name suggests, this toy is made from natural plant materials, but that doesn’t make it any less sturdy compared to its artificial counterparts. Its design is an advantage in itself, as the toy can be filled with your mate’s favourite treats which doubles the fun.

Fly: Treat Me Toy

Keeping your dog entertained is a breeze if you use this toy, and that’s because it can also be filled with snacks and dental treats. It’s best used at the park for a nice game of fetch, but it can be just as fun at home or in your yard.

Designed for all sorts of play, the Fly: Treat Me Toy also floats in water and is made from highly durable rubber.

Football: Treat Me Toy

Acting like a snack dispenser, this toy can provide your mate with a lot of fun, even on the days when they might not be feeling like it. It’s compatible with a wide range of dog treats currently available, regardless of their shape.

It’s made from safe materials and designed to withstand even the pressure from your dog’s chompers. When it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the washer or clean it with a sponge and some mild soap. Easy!

Chase: Glow in the Dark Toy

If you only have time to play with your dog at night, this toy can guarantee that you’re not going to lose your mate in the park even when the sun has set.

Since it glows in the dark, the toy will not only help you track your dog’s location, but it will also make it easier for your pooch to find it as you’re playing fetch. It charges under any type of bright light and can be cleaned using a mild detergent or dish soap and warm water.

Rocket: Glow in the Dark Toy

Shaped exactly like a rocket, the aerodynamic design of this toy will make it fly through the air much effortlessly. Like Chase, this one also glows in the dark, so it will give you the peace of mind you need when playing with your dog at night in public spaces.

Having been manufactured from durable rubber, this one is built for tough outdoor play. And as in the case with all pet toys, just make sure to inspect it for any signs of wear and tear.

Rechargeable Laser Cat Toy

Every cat in the world has dreamed of catching that elusive laser dot at least once, so why not take advantage? With the Rechargeable Laser Cat Toy, you can simply sit in your armchair and be comfortable as you want while you play with your cat.

The toy charges from any USB device, whether that be a laptop or a computer, and you can press the nose to switch from flashing to constant light.


Pounce & Purrsuit Rechargeable Cat Toy

This one is quite innovative that it can keep your cat entertained even when you aren’t watching. It can be also be recharged via any USB device and it rotates on its own.

The LED lights that the toy is equipped with can make it possible for your pet’s hunting instincts to be stimulated adequately. And if you add a piece of string or a feather to the ball, sky’s the limit when it comes to how much fun your cat can have.

Fling & Chase Cat Toy

The colourful design of this one makes it one of the top favourites among cats everywhere. It’s lightweight yet durable, and it also makes them compelled to hunt it down because it resembles a small prey or something they would potentially catch in the wild.


Rufus & Coco toys aren't only fun and interactive, but they give back to the community as well. 5% of sales from these toys donate to the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation to help reduce unnecessary euthanasia in Australian pounds and shelters.

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