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How to Exercise Your Pets in the Dark?

How to Exercise Your Pets in the Dark?

  • by Rufus and Coco

Daytime is shorter whenever winter comes around, so you have less opportunity to play and exercise with your pet. But the dark shouldn’t put you off from doing so, since physical activity means a lot to both dogs and cats – it makes it possible for both their bodies and their minds to be in tip-top shape.


5 Ways to Exercise Your Pets at Night or During Winter

Safety first

When it comes to walking your dog or cat outdoors during winter, you should consider getting them a harness, pet coat, as well as little booties to ensure their safety.

The cold ground will be uncomfortable against your mate’s feet, so if you want them to be able to walk for a decent amount of time, you should make it as comfortable and as easy for them as possible.

If you intend to walk through an area where there aren’t a lot of street lights, you will have to wear equip your pet with high-visibility gear. The Light Up Collar, along with the Light Up Lead, can make it easier for anyone to spot your dog and avoid any untoward incidents.

Indoor exercise

If the weather outside is too cold to walk your pet, exercising them indoors should when you come back home from work should do the trick.

Some toys can make the task a lot easier even when you’re lounging on the couch and watching TV as they come with their own lights, so they are easy to retrieve. Dogs might enjoy playing with the Chase: Glow in the Dark Toy or the Rocket: Glow in the Dark Toy as both are designed for active play whether indoors or outdoors.

Even cats can have their fair share of fun in the dark, especially since their eyesight is so much better after sunset. You can keep your cat entertained even when you’re sitting in bed thanks to our Laser Cat Toy – after all, all cats have dreamed of catching the little lighted dot, so why not take advantage of their hunting instincts?

Stick to the path

Even if you and your pet wear the best high-visibility gear possible, it’s much easier to protect yourselves from any cars if you stick to the beaten path.

It’s highly recommended that you keep your dog and cat on a lead whenever you walk them in the dark given that even if they might have a reflective collar, they might get distracted because of other animals and run away.

If you do not want to end up spending half of the night looking for your pet in the dark, whether at the park or somewhere else, you should always use a lead.

Furthermore, make sure that your pet is wearing an ID Tag just in case they get lost.


Fun for when you are out of the house

If you tend to work late hours and are worried about the amount of exercise that your pet is getting because of your schedule, you can leave them a variety of interactive toys in the house.

Dogs that are heavily food-oriented will find our FOOTBALL: Treat Me Toy a delight to play with, especially since it can be filled with all sorts of snacks.

Cats, on the other hand, can have a lot of fun with the Pounce & Purrsuit Rechargeable Cat Toy since it is self-rotating and it boasts of interactive LED lights.

Make sure your pet is trained

Training cats is practically impossible since they are so independent, and you never know what’s on their mind. But dogs can be trained, and there are lots of methods that you can resort to, especially positive reinforcement.

Some breeds are more likely to get in trouble, which is why training in their case should be mandatory. For example, hunting and herding breeds love to exercise and look for something in the dark, so in the absence of appropriate training, they will try to get away from you and potentially get lost.

Some people take their puppies to trainers for the first six months of their life. Responding to basic commands can save a dog’s life, so do consider training your pet if you can.

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