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How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly - 5 Tips

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly - 5 Tips

  • by Lorren Godfrey

Making your dog poop quickly can be quite a challenge. After all, nobody likes to be rushed when they are doing their business.

Taking your dog out for a walk in the morning and in the evening in order for them to go the toilet is part of being a responsible pet parent. But sometimes, when you’re in a hurry, or when your pup is constipated, the task can be rather challenging and time consuming.

In this post, we’ll look at several tips on how to make a dog poop quickly. Do keep in mind that you should always treat your canine friend with the utmost care so that you don’t inadvertently cause a health problem. If your dog taking a long time to poop is out of character, please remember to consult with your vet to rule out any heath concerns.

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

  1. Use wipes to get your dog to poop quickly

As sensitive as this topic might be, you probably aren’t going to convince your pet to poop fast if you avoid touching their nether regions. The simplest and most convenient method is to use several wipes to stimulate your pet’s bowel movements.

Wipe gently around your dog’s bum in a circular motion. In most cases, if your pooch is getting ready to go Number 2 anyway, this method will work.

We recommend using eco-friendly, unscented, and biodegradable wipes such as the Bamboo Bio Wipes as they’re perfectly safe for your dog and for the environment, too.


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  1. Check your dog's diet

If your dog is taking a long time to poop even though it looks like they are trying, it could be because your dog is constipated. Constipation is one of the most common canine digestive health problems. There can be several reasons for this such as diet, medication, internal blockages, or lack of exercise.

Examine your dog's diet and increase your dog's fibre intake. Adding pumpkin or canned dog food into your dog's daily diet can help too. If this does not improve things, please consult with your vet.

  1. Have a routine with exercise to help your dog poop quickly

Creating a routine where you take your dog out at the same time each day will help them understand what is expected of them. The best time to do this would be after mealtime.

Rubbing your dog's belly and adding a bit of exercise can also help to encourage your dog to poop quickly. Add a command once your dog starts to go to the toilet and then reward them with treats after. This will help you to communicate what is expected of them in the future - making it quicker for both of you!

  1. Squirting water

Since this procedure can get a little messy, you might want to first try it at home. Use our Posh Pee Pads to avoid getting your floor wet and train your dog. This method works best while you are creating a toileting schedule for your puppy.


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Gently squirt cool water on your pooch’s bum several times. You may have to seek out someone’s help to hold your dog, or at least their tail up as you tend to the task.

The temperature of the water and the squirting action will convince your dog to go in a timely fashion, especially if there is no constipation involved. Remember to be patient and stop at any time if your dog showsany signs of stress.

  1. The ice cube method

You might be less inclined to use this method as it does call for some patience. However, it does prove to be effective in most cases. Place an ice cube right on your dog’s bum area and hold it in place.

Most dogs will feel uncomfortable and try to back off, but since there’s no real danger involved, they’ll get used to it quickly. If not, a couple of treats along the way are sure to help! Sooner or later, your dog will start contracting their bum and pushing out the poop.

Keep several tissues close to gather all the poop and collect it in a Do Good Poo Bag, which are compostable!


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If you are trying the above methods at home, we also recommend keeping our Wee Away & Stain Away on hand to get rid of any mess and neutralise unpleasant smells.


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Be Patient

For most dogs, going to the toilet is quite a vulnerable time for them. While some dogs have no problems doing their business in new or busy places, other dogs will refuse to go to the toilet in unfamiliar areas or around new people and other dogs.

Dog in grass


Remember to be patient, find a private area and give them some space. Sometimes, the act of us hovering over them or staring at them can also cause performance anxiety!

If your dog is still refusing to poop, they might just not be ready. Head back inside and try again in another hour. Keep a close eye on your dog if you know they have not yet gone to the toilet. If you see your dog sniffing the ground and circling, be sure to take them outside right away.

Finally, if taking a long time to poop is out of character for your dog, be sure to consult with a vet to rule out any health concerns or internal blockages.

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