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Let's Play: Tips

  1. Games are great exercise - physically and mentally.
    We recommend 15 mins twice per day.

  2. Choosing your toy:
    Rope - bond-building toys
    Throw - outdoor toys
    Snuggle - comfort plush toys
    Chew - treat holding and interactive

  3. Don't leave toys lying around.
    Hide some toys away and rotate the toy offering to create new excitement for your pooch!

  4. Don't use household items like old shoes as toys.
    Your pooch cannot tell the difference between your new shoes and old shoes so you're asking for trouble!

  5. Keep toys and games low to avoid encouraging jumping.

  6. Speak up - be encouraging!
    Vocabulary -
    teach your dog the names of his toys
    Command - associate commands such as "Drop it" into play

  7. Check toys regularly for signs of wear.
    Take the toy from your dog if breakage occurs.
    Did you know a dog's bite strength can be up to 148kg?

Find the pawfect toy for your little mate