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5 Tips to Prevent Your Pet From Endless Itching

5 Tips to Prevent Your Pet From Endless Itching

  • by Sandra McHendrie

Has your furry friend got an endless itch?

Believe it or not, “Itching Cat, Scratchy Dog” is not the name of a new martial arts film. Skin conditions and itching are actually the most common reasons why pets need a visit to the vet.

There are many reasons why your furry friend may be itching. This includes:

  • fleas, lice & mites

  • food allergies

  • anxious behaviour or habit

  • dermatitis

  • fungal infections and more!

    Here are some tips on how you can help your pets avoid the ichy-scratchies:

    1. Review your pet’s diet

    Remove common allergens like wheat, soy and corn. Cut back to basics and try new foods one at a time to check for a reaction.

    2. Deal with behavioural issues or anxiety

    You could try a supplement like Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid.

    3. Try a medicated shampoo

    Rufus & Coco Itch Relief treats non-specific dermatoses and fungal infections, and helps to reduce irritation and itching.

    4. Treat your pet’s skin from the inside

    Try an Omega-3 based supplement such as Rufus & Coco Super Skin & Coat.

    5. Get rid of fleas!

    Treat both your pet, and your pet’s living area with a natural pyrethrin product. Try Rufus & Coco Flea Flee for your pet.

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