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5 Gift Bundles For Your Pets

5 Gift Bundles For Your Pets

  • by Rufus and Coco

Giving your pet a nice little present for the holidays can make a world of difference both for them and yourself, especially if they're premium products priced at a discount.

And because we want you to get the best value for your money, here are some of our best bundles to try out this season.


Save Up on Our Pet Bundles This Holiday

Wee Kitty Bamboo Odor Control Litter - 15% off 4x4kg bags

This is one of our best-selling bundles as of yet and the reason for that is that it comes with not one, not two, but four Wee Kitty Bamboo Odour Control Litters.

Instead of paying A$111.96 for four 4-kg bags, you’ll pay just A$95.16. This litter is made from sustainable bamboo fibres and charcoal-infused pellets, which makes it capable of trapping odours in less than five minutes. It also forms clumps quickly, making the removal of your cat’s waste very convenient.

Wee Kitty Bamboo Odor Control Litter

It’s both flushable and septic-safe, so disposing of it should not be a problem. Since this is a low-dusting variety, it is even appropriate for cats who have a history of respiratory conditions.

Wee Kitty Natural Clumping Corn Litter - 15% off 4x4kg bags

The normal price of the 4-pack 4kg Wee Kitty Natural Clumping Corn Litter should be A$115.96, but for buying in bulk, we're offering it at a discounted price of A$98.56.

Wee Kitty Natural Clumping Corn Litter - 15% off 4x4kg bags

This corn-based litter is extra absorbent and long-lasting, and it forms clumps in as little time as possible. Given that it's completely biodegradable, you don't have to worry about your carbon pawprint too much either.

The design of the packaging is user-friendly, too, since it comes with a strong zip seal that prevents accidental spillage, and it also boasts an easy-pour handle.

Wee Kitty Eco Plant Flushable Litter - 15% off 4x4kg bags

If you opt to purchase our Wee Kitty Eco Plant Bundle, you’ll be paying just A$91.76 instead of the normal price of A$107.96. As its name suggests, this substrate is entirely friendly to the environment since it is made from a combination of soy and wheat fibres.

 Wee Kitty Eco Plant Flushable Litter - 15% off 4x4kg bags

Like some of the previously mentioned litter varieties, this one can also be disposed of in the toilet (in small quantities) without creating any issues with your plumbing. The substrate is perfectly capable of trapping odours as fast, and it also clumps neatly, making it possible for you to remove your cat’s waste.

The low-tracking feature is definitely handy since you’re not going to have to deal with any unwanted pawprints across your floors.

Pamper Bundle - 15% off

Our Pamper Bundle is priced at A$39.04, which makes it a great steal for the holiday season. It includes a Pet Grooming Glove (normal price of $14.99, bundle price A$12.74), a Detangling Comb (normal price A$14.99, bundle price A$12.74), as well as a 4in1 Detangler & Pamper Spray (normal price $15.95, bundle price A$13.56).

Pamper Bundle - 15% off

If you want to keep your pet’ looking good and feeling great in between visits to the grooming salon, this bundle can help you get the task done at home. Plus, it also lets your pet enjoy a nice massage and feel cherished.

Out and About Bundle - 15% off

You’re saving almost A$20 with this bundle since it's normally priced at A$71.85, but is now on special for A$52.77. It includes a Mesh Multi Purpose Lead, a Soft Mesh Dog Harness, as well as an Air Mesh Collar, all of which have discounted prices when purchased together.

Out and About Bundle - 15% off

All three are aimed at making your dog feel as comfortable as possible during your walks and adventures. The harness even comes with reflective straps, so it makes a good option for people who love to walk their dogs in the early morning or late at night.

The collar makes it possible for your dog not to feel too restricted, while the Mesh Multi Purpose Lead is extremely stretchy, so even when your pet pulls, it’s not going to be a shock on their body or your own.


Spending for your pets, especially during the holiday season, doesn't always need to cost you an arm and a leg. Save up on bundles and make your pets feel special without burning your pockets. Happy shopping!

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